Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 3 - Monday, May 14, 2012

Hello, families! Sara, here, writing tonight on behalf of the group. Here in the community I'm still having trouble connecting my computer to the web, so we are having to post from an iPhone. Today was our first day at the work site, shoveling dirt and working with cement in the heat and humidity. Our kids were great! They all worked hard and were so into what they were doing that the local elementary kids came and wanted to join in and help during the recesses! Communication and familiarity between hosts and kids is getting easier already, with the help of games and laughter. Other highlights: soccer and hide-and-seek with the school kids, more local pineapple, playing games in the warm tropical rain, and puppies. Oh, and Christian treating everyone to local junk food from the "corner store"!  Thanks for the treat!! Tomorrow afternoon we will be back at the Eco lodge to meet an ethno-botanist (and by tomorrow, hopefully, I can tell you what that is!). That means I'll be able to get my computer online to load more pics and have a couple of the kids post the blogs.

(edited for spelling on Tuesday, May 15th)


Dawn Hendry said...

Hi Hope and the rest of the CA team, We love your updates and glad you are working so hard and eating so much. Keep smiling and enjoy the new relationships your are building that you will remember your whole lives. Love, Dawn and Rob

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