Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 2 Sunday May 13th HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!

¡The REAL Costa Rica!

Today, we arrived in our host community!  It is beautiful, but it is definitely different from home!  In order to capture those first impressions and to pass on mother’s day wishes from each of our kids to each of their mom’s at home.

(From Mollie)  Today, Sarah, Piper, Annie, and I met our host family.  The mom kept feeding us and feeding us, which really reminded me of you guys.  I miss you, F.F. Dubs, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY, MOTHER!  I am working and thinking about how I can make your gift even better every moment of every day. ;) <3s Mollie

(From Rachel)  Today, we met our host families.  Maryam and I are staying with a 19 year-old girl named Paula and her dad, Freddy.  They are both super nice and I’m we are going to have a lot of fun, even if we have some communication issues, at first.  I really miss you!  Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!  Love, Rachel

(From Sarah)  Today, Mollie, Piper, Annie, and I met our host family.  The house is small, but not too cramped.  The mom reminded me of Hami, and kept feeding us all the way up till lunch!  The family has chickens and a dog.  Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy! PS to my padre, everything’s awesome!  Mollie and I have a buddy system. J  Love, Sarah

(From Maryam)  Hola, y feliz día de madres!  The day started off with a big rush to eat and get packed, but we all made it to the bus by 9:30.  The drive to the town where we’re staying took twenty minutes, and Rachel and I were the first ones to be dropped off at our host families!  They’re very friendly, but we sometimes have trouble understanding each other.  Everything’s going fine (and hopefully I don’t have to add “so far…” to that)!  Happy Mother’s Day!  -Maryam

(From Hope)  Dear Mom, How did you like our last blog?  Don’t worry, we are fine.  I hope you mother’s day is great!  Happy Mother’s Day!  Love, Hope

(From Emma)  Hi guys!!  Costa Rica is amazing and we are all having a great time.  I can’t wait to see you and happy Mother’s Day, Mom!!  You are the best, and I think about you every day and can’t wait to talk to you.  So much love,  Emma J

(From Annie) Hi!  We are having a great time here in Costa Rica!  Our home-stay family is so nice!  They are taking wonderful care of us!! Miss you all so much!  Love you lots! <3 Annie <3  P.S.  Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!  I love you!!

(From Piper) Hello, Everyone!  I hope the mom’s had a wonderful Mother’s Day.  Wish I could have been with you, Mom! J Our home-stay family is great!  They are taking good care of us and feeding us lots!! I don’t think I’ll need to eat when we get home!  Love you lots! <3 Piper

(From Christian)  Hi.  We swam in a river.  My host family and Me, Cameron, and Garrett had a long, Awkward silence.  I am not known for my lengthy writing.  Happy Mother’s Day.

(From Garrett)  Hi, Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.  Our host family is very cool.  The host dad has and interesting hob.  He gets big tires and makes picnic tables and chairs out of them, sews cushions to the inside rim. (They are really comfy.)  Bye.

(From Cameron)  Hi, Happy Mother’s Day.  Costa Rica is great, so far.  Our host family is very nice.  We visited the school where we are building the playground.  We swam in a river after we ate lunch at one of the host family’s homes.  -Cameron.


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